Natura Bisse Diamond Value Set…true value for money!

A diamond is a girl’s best friend and the Natura Bisse Diamond Value Set is no exception. Look like a million bucks or a million diamonds with the help of Diamond Drops, Diamond Bio-Lift, Diamond Extreme, and Glyco Peeling Plus. These four best friends will make the word aging vanish in your dictionary and you can give any young girl a run. The diamond drops are an ultra-high-performance serum with a lightweight, silky texture to counteract and repair the visible signs of aging. This along with the Diamond Bio-Lift which is a lightweight, silky cream specially formulated for the area around the eyes, handles half the task of leaving your skin looking radiant and supple. In case your skin is really in need of help then rely on the Diamond Extreme which is geared towards the skin in need of immediate extreme repair. It provides a global approach to anti-aging and the ability to self-modulate the epidermal barrier. I think the point they are trying to male is it really works well with your skin and you have nothing to worry about when you have the Diamond Extreme.

Last but not the least is the Glyco Peeling Plus that has a high concentration of Glycolic Acid and natural AHAs to effectively but safely exfoliate the skin. If you wanna look like a million bucks you should be big-hearted too…get the set for $685.