Neiman Marcus’ All New Interactive Tables in Stores Provide Access to Online as well as In-Store Items

Neiman Marcus may very well be at the pinnacle of luxury department store chains and that doesn’t stop them from constantly innovating new ideas to bring in more customers. Their dedicated iLabs or Innovation Labs have been devising new ideas based on current trends in technology to better service clientele as well as entice and thrill potential new comers to the brand.

Their latest addition at three of their major locations viz. Austin, Chicago and Topanga features an interactive retail table. What look like stylish 70” long, 34” tall, and 26” wide wooden table places strategically in some of their department store sections is actually a really large display that features touchscreen interactivity and a fully fledged catalogue for users to peruse. Each of these displays support Ultra HD 4K resolutions and are fitted with a single, continuous pane of glass that can change to suite any Neiman Marcus color scheme in that section. The catalogues carry online as well as in-store items that users can view and ‘favorite’, add to Wishlists, or email product links to themselves or others for purchase later on. The system also features up-to-the-minute inventory which include items that will be coming soon, latest trend reports, etc. This will enable all staff to stay up to date with all items available in or coming to the store later on.

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neiman-marcus-interactive-tables-2The concept is a great idea and a great blend of technology used in real-world brick and mortar atmospheres. It’s innovative and will undoubtedly help keep customers interested in what the brand has to offer and will keep them guessing as to what they’ll do next.

[Via – PSFK]