New Jimmy Choo men’s flagship store opens at Mayfair, London

Mayfair, isn’t it time to rejoice! Aren’t you gladdened with the spacious 1,200sq.ft Jimmy Choo men’s flagship store? Last we heard was of the ambitious designs being released. Spread across two floors, the store is located at 35 Dover Street in Mayfair, London and exudes luxury through every exciting aspect it highlights. That is, starting from the shoes and accessories it houses (for men), to the magnificently striking color palette that it flaunts, not forgetting the luxurious furniture! Seems like Jimmy Choo intends to give its customers a regal welcome, and has gone the extra mile to accomplish the same.

For Jimmy Choo, just dressing the store in shades of red silver and black, and accompanying it with luxurious furniture in leather, velvet and tweed, was not all. Enhancing the welcome, the brand has built an in-store bar for its customers on the ground floor! So that, amidst shopping for their needs, customers can relax and let off some steam! Feel like making a visit? Well, hope on to the next flight then!

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[Jimmy-Choo Via Mayfair-London]