New Louis Vuitton bag inspired by the moon phases

How many of you out there insist on only wearing branded clothes and carrying branded accessories? If you fall into the above category, before I go on to talk about the product, I would like to inform you that I am a very poor person and would appreciate any kind of donation made in my name. Preferably one that is large enough so I can pick up this latest creation by Louis Vuitton. The brand has introduced a new bag made of soft cowhide. And the name of this bag is inspired by the moon phases – Mahira.

In Polynesian culture, Mahira is a deity satellite white, whose candor is reflected in the delicate colors of the model. The belt is adjustable, thanks to the various options allowed by the golden. The interior is covered in microfiber, with pockets for mobile phones and accessories. The price is 2,890 U.S. dollars, a figure considerably, but appropriate to the contents of the bid. So, this poor girl would like this bag. Donations anyone?