New Tourbillon Pen is perfect for a gentleman dressed with matching cufflinks

As spring makes way for summer, you can give your dad the perfect belated father’s day gift with an accessory that can complement his Christmas gift, the TF Est. 1968 Tourbillon cufflinks best, the classy new TF Est. 1968 “Tourbillon” Pen. Available in a range of variations and finishes as mentioned below, the pen sports the “tourbillon” mounted at a 45° angle on the top of the pen, which can be seen as you pocket your pen. An apt gift for a watch collector, some pens sport steel with palladium plating for the shimmering look, while come also feature a “genuine carbon fiber top.” All pens have a two-year guarantee.

You can pick up the collector’s set featuring seven pens priced at $5370. If you missed out on the cufflinks, you could get a pen-cufflinks set too. The cufflinks are priced between $390 and $440 per pair in PVD and plated finishes with carbon fiber backing, or $1950 if set with diamonds.
Here is a list of pen finishes with their prices.
Pen finishes and pricing can be listed as under:
– SS with Palladium (PT-SS01): $750
– SS with Palladium / Carbon top (PT-SS01BC): $790
– Plated Rose Gold (PT-PR01): $750
– Plated Rose Gold / Carbon top (PT-PR01BC): $790
– Plated Yellow Gold (PT-PY01): $750
– Plated Rose Gold / Carbon top (PT-PY01BC): $790
– SS Black Resin (PT-BR01SS): $750
Click here for the complete list.