Not Instagram or Snapchat, but American designer Rebecca Minkoff will share exclusive content and BTS on OnlyFans

Subscription-based social media sites are gaining popularity. Rebecca Minkoff, the American designer who enjoys nearly one million fans on Instagram, has embraced the platform, OnlyFans, with 100 million users. The luxury brand is the first to jump on the fashion bandwagon that boasts 30 million registered users and more than 450,000 content creators. Rebecca Minkoff aims to offer exclusive content and behind-the-scenes images of the event, freely accessible to all the brand’s fans. In addition to the mélange of high fashion accessories posted on Minkoff’s Instagram, including $300 cross body bags, fragrances, and more, their loyal fan base will have access to content that won’t be revealed elsewhere. Minkoff said, “As a company, we always want to be a part of emerging platforms to better connect with our customers. Joining OnlyFans offers a new way for us to leverage our loyal fan base as a brand and provide exclusive content that otherwise may not be available on other platforms.”

Earlier, OF had a reputation of promoting creators on the site that offer adult material, but that’s soon changing and is turning into a platform that offers immense potential for creators of all kinds. People are now openly adapting to the platform after actor Bella Thorne joined OnlyFans and racked up millions of dollars in just a few days. Even Italian media NSS magazine became the first Italian media to experiment with the platform, choosing to publish the Digital Cover 05, entitled BODY. Now fashion brands will follow suit following the example of Minkoff.

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[Via: nss magazine]

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