Not your ordinary heels – These gold stilettos are studded with thousands of diamonds and are on sale for $390,000

Some people are made to enjoy the finer things in life and some are made to make them. that’s the case with Birmingham jeweler Chris Shellisand; his creations from House of Borgezei are only fit for royalty or a category that sticks close to it and he is the maverick making the spellbinding bejeweled footwear. The regal and rich populace has worn enough ornaments on their head and neck which is why the idea of wearing footwear that’s as good as jewelry seems appealing to them and Chris Shellisand is surely not the one complaining. His House of Borgezei has made Angel Wing Stilettos from 18-carat gold and shimmering with 2,000 diamonds. If the name is ringing a bell in your mind, it’s because pop royalty Beyonce famously turned sole singer to sport a pair of Chris’ Princess Constellation stiletto which cost £200,000 ($260,000). The Angel Wing Stilettos, on the other hand, cost a toe-curling £300,000 ($390,000) a pair.

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There are many takers line for this exquisite and truly one of a kind creation that is studded with rows of gems. Straps feature gold fleur de Lys and the ankle support is the trademark Borgezie ‘, Empowerment Angel’. You can choose to make the shoes in yellow or white gold.

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