Oakley’s most expensive line of sunglasses for $4000

You don’t need expensive timepieces and designer bags to flaunt your luxurious lifestyle, even a chic pair of sunglasses can do the job. Oakley is one brand that promises to help you cast that luxurious image of yours through amazing designer sunglasses. On Monday, Oakley will announce its new line of luxurious sunglasses priced at $4000. The ultra-premium Oakley Elite C Six will sell at almost seven times the $600 Pit Boss price, which had been Oakley’s costliest line. The chic and costly sunglasses boast 80 layers of carbon fiber pressed onto the frame.

What is more, 90 hours of machine time go into crafting each pair of these luxurious sunglasses. Besides increasing the price, the unique material and design make this frame flexible and extremely comfortable.
Oozing style and luxury, this line will be limited to just 200 pieces. The sunglasses are already promising to be a rage with the elite fashion-conscious crowd. In fact, one pair was rushed to biking legend and Oakley endorser Lance Armstrong to wear on the last day of this summer’s Tour de France.
The stylish line of $4000 sunglasses will be available at various Oakley retailers and designer sunglasses boutiques.
[USA Today]

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