Omega headphones stand for your hi-end cans

Did you know that one of the big reasons for most high-end headphones getting damaged is the storage? Despite what manufacturers claim, experts say that it is best to stow your favorite music cans upright for longevity – just the way they would perch on your head. But to all that wisdom, rarely users, and that includes us too, have thought of a headphone stand till Omega did.

The famous watch company has developed stands that do what they claim: keep your expensive pair in ship shape and one place.
The swooping veneer sculptures come in a variety of forest-killing hardwoods – cherry, maple, Zebrano, or walnut – and mimic the shape of a human head, which makes a lot of sense as the ‘phones are designed to cosset the noggins of audiophiles.
And all you have to pay for this chic-looking, clutter-free solution is a mere $180. Now the only issue is the chord. While in these pictures, they are cleverly hidden, for us, however, it would need some smart manoeuvering. Unless you want to wait for Omega’s second spin – a tidy chord holder attachable to the stand, we guess.

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