‘Onehundred&ten suitcase’ launched for Globetrotter’s 110th anniversary

Premium luggage maker Globetrotter has collaborated with one of the world’s most futuristic designers to create a contemporary classic that has been a breakthrough in the 110 years lifespan of the company, to create the most stylish and durable luggage case for modern-day travelers. Designer Ross Lovegrove, with the cooperation of the Toray Corporation and DuPont, created a new composite named 3X fiber that could stand up to the hustle-bustle of the present day. The suitcase compiles an exclusive carbon fiber/Kevlar weave, 3X fiber that is a Triple-axis weave that wields the world’s lightest suitcase (1.35kgs)

The onehundred&ten suitcase is available in a limited edition of 1000 units, in the Air Cabin version due to the global carbon shortage. The suitcase sells exclusively at Moss for $3,525.

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