Packing in style with The Luxury Collection luggage set by Sofía Sanchez de Betak

The Luxury Collection has made luxury traveling a class higher with a brilliant collaboration with one of their favorite patrons, consultant and art director Sofía Sanchez de Betak. Inspired by her travels to their properties in Greece, they asked her to design a range of Globe-Trotter luggage. There are four properties from four idyllic locations of Greece – Mykonos (man!), Athena (wow!), Messina (sigh!), and Santorini (*faint*). The hotels from the collection were – Vedema and Mistique in Santorini, Santa Marina in Mykonos, Hotel Grande Bretagne in Athena and The Romanos in Messina. The trunks, which form the luggage, have inside them colorfully illustrated maps of each destination giving a peak into hidden treasures and ‘off-beaten-paths’ she had discovered during her visits. The exterior features blue and white shades with touches of black as well as Globe-Trotter leather trim and gold hardware.

The story of how this concept unfolded is even more amusing. Apparently she was making a school project for her step children, making a treasure hunt. The professional mind in her stirred, and she proposed to The Luxury Collection, a social media treasure hunt through their hotels in Greece – which eventually tapered to the idea of having maps within trunks and voila! See? Pink Floyd got it wrong, we DO need some education.

The collection is available at the Globe-Trotter store in London, and retails for $1,680 per individual luggage piece.

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