Parabellum unveils the bullet-proof Kevlar Laptop Case

While many men might have succumbed to the metro-sexual image, some take pride in flaunting that masculine image. Keeping this rough and tough class of men in mind, LA-based leather company Parabellum has unveiled their latest offering, a Kevlar Laptop Case. Sure to appeal to the rugged masculine men, this case is probably the first of its kind, bullet-proof, tactile laptop case with a layer of Kevlar squeezed-in in between rich Reservation Bison and laser-etched, and military-grade ceramic hardware. Perfectly complementing your masculine image, it offers a sturdy and secure home for your laptops. The style is also subtle, and the stress is more on comfort than fashion. For effortless and easy handling, the case features a Haste strap on the outside. The inside is as comfy as the outside courtesy, the British 1940’s deadstock cashmere linin lining. The tough accessory is priced at $800. For more info you can click here.


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