Party away with Bulgari’s white and black pochettes

If your social calendar is completely marked up with all the parties you have to attend, then make sure you have the right pochette accompanying you. For this purpose we recommend Bulgari’s white pochette. Measuring only 12.2” in width and 5.9” in height, this white satin embroidered pochette is embellished with small white pearls. The gold plated white enamel hardware enclosure can be snapped closed. If you can afford it, $6,750 is a small price to pay for such luxury.

However, if you are looking for a bargain, then Bulgari’s black Damasco fabric pochette might just fit your budget. At just $4,350 this black pochette is not that different from the white one. It is embroidered with pearls. The snap enclosure on this one is black enamel with palladium plating. If choosing one over the other is going to be a difficult task, why not get both.

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