Paul Smith + Led Zeppelin = Designer scarves

The result of a partnership between British designer Paul Smith and the celebrated Led Zeppelin are a series of exquisitely designed limited edition scarves specially created to launch the newly re mastered version of Led Zeppelin’s studio albums.

Translating the designs onto the scarves has by no means been an easy task, but with new photographic weaving techniques and the coloured yarns, Paul smith has created stunning master-pieces. Together, they have gone all out in the fabrics and techniques used to capture the essence of the albums on the scarves.

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The series of 6 scarves will be available in limited quantities of 50 each exclusively at Paul Smith, London from 23rd October 2014. These will also be available online.

Led Zeppelin fans can ask for no more with his music to rock you and his scarves to style you.

[Via – Paul-Smith]

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