Pay $22,000 for the name Burberry Alligator Warrior Handbag

The price is Big on a non-deserving Burberry Alligator Warrior Handbag. This is a niche for all those brand freaks who are ready to pay a bomb for a name. Burberry’s Alligator Warrior Handbag is the best specimen for the same. If you expect, diamond studs, gold piping, or silver buttons, well you shall be ending in disappointment. The price here is just for the leather and the name. It’s made of alligator skin with metal stud detailing, drawstring closure, and a metal toggle engraved with the Burberry logo. The Alligator Warrior has many handy features (i.e. plenty of compartments and zip pockets) but nothing that stands out as outrageously unique to this bag alone.

Well, if you still like it, you should probably go for it and pay $22,000