Penhaligons and Zuma Hong Kong collaborate over a unique cocktail

In a surprising but welcome collaboration, Hong Kong’s Japanese restaurant Zuma has joined hands with the fragrance company Penhaligon to create a new cocktail. Called the No. 33 Penhaligons Martini, the drink is made from No. 3 Gin, mancino vermouth bianco and bergamot tincture and even ambergris. The drink is served in a president glass which is placed on top of a Penhaligon handkerchief.

Arkadiusz Rybak, bar manager at Zuma Asia stated, “I always wondered how our brains treat the essential oils from flowers and fruits as attractive. Most perfumes are made by mixing essential oils; cocktails, on the other hand, by mixing alcohols, juices and tinctures. Thinking of a collaboration with Penhaligon, I combined alcohols and tinctures to reflect essential oils used in No. 33 Penhaligon perfume to bring together the cocktail and perfume.”

The No. 3 London Dry Gin is at the heart of this cocktail. This gin is created by Berry Bros. & Rudd who are the oldest spirit and wine merchants in London with a history that is more than three centuries long. “No.3 is an unmistakably traditional London Dry Gin. By traditional, we mean gin that tastes as gin should: with juniper at its heart.” said Simon Berry, the chairman of Berry Bros. & Rudd.

The cocktail is priced at $135 and is sure to capture not only your taste buds but all your senses in a decadent experience.

[ Via : Luxury-Insider ]

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