Penhaligon’s latest masculine fragrances breathes notes of a macho and robust nature

British perfume couturier Penhaligon’s has always been a great personal choice and considering it’s recently out with another scent for men, we figured that we should tell you about it. Fittingly labelled as the ‘Blasted Heath Eau De Parfum’, the fragrance is enriched with salty seaweed reminiscent of oceanic spray while the aquatic accord is infused with the aromatic intensity of clary sage, adding contrast.

Fresh with crunchy green leaves, the texture develops with the tobacco and whisky accord. We loved the assertive masculine character, strengthened by an authoritative woody signature. The warmth of patchouli and Alaska cedar wood blends beautifully with rough accents of gaiac wood and the earthy elegance of vetiver.

The masculine fragrance is encapsulated within a translucent bottle topped with a stopper sporting a blue bow. While the 50 ml bottle can be purchased for $137, the 100 ml is priced at a $188.

[ Available at : Penhaligons ]

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