Penhaligons unveils a fragrance inspired by the kensington palace and other royal monuments

When Sir William Henry Penhaligon first moved to London, he worked as an exclusive perfumer to Queen Victoria. And years down the line today, his royal service remains intact in Penhaligon’s exotic offerings. In a vow to introducing regal whiffs of sorts, the marquee recently unveiled the Kensington, a fragrance that is made up of class, charisma and a character like no other.

Drawing inspiration from the Kensington Palace and the Royal monuments and Edwardian villas of London, the Penhaligon’s novel perfume envelopes the rich history and the distinctive elegance of London in a bottle. It brings forth an inviting concoction of royalty and refinement with powerful amber notes that unfailingly remind you of the Victorian era and the luxuries of yesteryears. It is further enriched with the warmth of cinnamon and the exotica of Vanilla beans, each wrapping the divine scent into a blissful state.

Like all things grand, the Kensington comes in a luxe decanter that is adorned with a stately magenta bow and a crown-like cap. It is currently available in a 100 ml Eau de Parfum in England, Wales, Southern Scotland and adjoining areas. Those living elsewhere will unfortunately need to wait until the majestic Kensington decides makes its way to the rest of the world!

[Available at:Penhaligons]

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