Penhaligons unveils two new additions to the “Portrait” fragrance family

A while ago, famed perfume house – Penhaligons presented us with an enticing range of fragrances that depicted a dramatic tale of the British aristocracy. In continuation of the fabricated saga, the marquee has further introduced two new scents to the collection, each of which take after a novel theatrical character. The histrionic series called “Portrait” now embraces a total of six fragrant fictional members – including the very recent additions – Clandestine Clara and Roaring Radcliff.

In September last year, “Portrait” witnessed an unveil of four promising scents that idealized the customs and traditions of the British gentry with humor. The quadruplet consisted of a lord, a lady, a duke and a duchess — each carrying their own signature scent. Months later now, the brand is back with two quirky fragrances in continuation of this exciting lineage. The first scent named “Clandestine Clara”, is the mistress of Lord George who carries a destroying impression for her “un-ladylike” life choices. Extraverted and appealing, the new character is backed by Sophie Labbé’s frangrance blend of anilla, rum, cinnamon, musk, amber and patchouli.

The second scent depicts an equally notorious character, if not more. Titled “Roaring Radcliff”, the scent takes after a family bad boy who is the secret son of Lord George and is known to enjoy an over materialistic routine. Designed by perfumer – Daphné Bugey, the fragrance is a heady mix of rum, tobacco and spices. Scheduled for an official release in February 2017, the perfumes will be made available across Penhaligons outlets, including its online store.


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