Perrier’s “Inspired by Street Art” collection entail limited edition L’Atlas inspired bottles

Limited edition L’Atlas-inspired bottles form Perrier’s creative campaign as a second instalment of the company’s “Inspired by Street Art” collection. The customised bottles, including both classic glass and the novel plastic models; will entail vivid labels bearing artworks of the French contemporary artist. Of course, the labels will also be etched with his unique abstract style of geometric labyrinth-style designs.

Perrier Street Art collage
L’Atlas beautifully exemplifies the brand’s affiliation with the creative arts. Perrier aligned with Andy Warhol to honour their 150th anniversary and with three leading artists, JonOne, Kobra and Sasu, for their Street Art limited edition collection back in 2014.

Perrier Street Art 3
The newly-fangled concept marks an inauguration of an exciting partnership between L’Atlas and Perrier. Throughout fall 2015, both will be partnering to create a series of extraordinary art installations delighting audiences across the globe.
Perrier Street Art 4
Beginning October, the Perrier Street Art limited edition collection will be available to quench your thirst through most major retailers in sizes 750mL, 330mL and 200mL sizes, the recyclable PET bottles in both 1L and .5L sizes, and Perrier’s 250mL slim cans in original, and all-natural flavours including pink grapefruit and lime.

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