Pierre Cardin puts his Label up for Sale

Pierre Cardin, the famous fashion designer and probably the most licensed name in the Fashion world, is shopping for investors. All of 88 years old, Pierre Cardin wants to sell his business and is asking for €1 billion ($1.46 billion). Fashion insiders are optimistic that this is the right time to sell, but they are not sure of his asking price.

Mr. Cardin, who previously designed for Christian Dior, launched his own fashion house in 1950. He gained fame for designing clothes with futuristic themes, geometric shapes, and minimalist styling, using unusual materials such as stiff wool and plastic. Over the years, though, he became notorious for licensing products such as crockery, strollers, luggage, heating units, and some as far fetched as toilets. Since Fashion is seeing a revival of space-age style and avant-garde designs invented by Mr. Cardin, it is just possible that he may get his asking price after all.

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