Pineider Alligator Women’s Briefcase for the corporate chic

Gone are the days when women didn’t care how they looked at work. Now it’s important for every woman to not only excel in her presentations but also present herself confidently and beautifully. This is where fashion comes into play. The business woman of today is not just a winner in the corporate field but in the fashion department as well. So if you are a corporate chic looking for the perfect briefcase, we suggest you opt for the limited edition Pineider Alligator Women’s Briefcase. The beautiful black alligator leather briefcase is formal yet stylish. The exclusive bag will beautifully complement your corporate lifestyle. The chic briefcase with 2 gussets is definitely a must buy for the woman on top. Exclusive, exquisite and simply stylish, the Pineider Alligator Women’s Briefcase is priced at $16,900 and available here. What is more, for an additional $30 you can also get your names or initials engraved on this bag.

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