Pininfarina creates a stylish inkless pen that can write forever

Crafted by NAPKIN in collaboration with Pininfarina Design and recently premiered in the Pininfarina Wind Tunnel was Forever Pininfarina AERO, an ethereal stylus that neither requires ink nor refill.
At the premiere, a 5:1 scale model of the stylus was tested, showcasing how the product was created.

The one-of-a-kind AERO’s hollow body with an understated blue interior is made of aerospace aluminum (Ergal) and the tip is made of Ethergraf. AERO rests on a unique rough concrete base.
The stylus design resembles a phony twisting force, to create lines that make it look like the symbol of eternity. Hand-crafted production by leveraging advanced precision mechanics tools makes these light lines look like the AERO is in continous rotation.
The Ethergraf used in making the stylus tip is an innovative, graphite and ink free metal alloy conceived and produced by NAPKIN. Inspirations for Ethergraf are drawn from Leonardo Da Vinci’s research on the silver tip.
Involved in the production of AERO are Master artisans, makers of all NAPKIN products. Mecom, Brescia has manufactured the mold; Nuovi Gioielli, Vicenza has created the tip’s blend; and the concrete has been produced by Crea Cemento, Brescia.

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AERO has just gone on sale for €120, in a neat package containing the stylus and the base. It will be available in 600+ points of sales in Italy and in 20 other countries worldwide. AERO can also be purchased from the Pininfarina online store.

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