Pininfarina’s anniversary collection Icon 85 is a breathtaking series of stylish items

Born of a passion for elegance, craftsmanship and for tiny but important details, Pininfarina’s Icon 85 collection is an exercise in modern refinement and sophistication. The new collection has been created in celebration of the design house’s 85th anniversary, so the production of each of the six items in the collection will be limited to 85 pieces. Consisting of six exclusive products: a bracelet, a pair of sunglasses, a polo, an innovative writing instrument, a travel bag, a fountain pen, this collection is filled with unique and gift-able items. In fact, we’ll be gifting some of these cool collectibles to ourselves!

Barakà bracelet €750 ($840)
The bracelet is characterized by a unique and continuous line rendered in a beautiful matte blue. Pininfarina believes this bracelet is for those who love movement and constant motion in their lives.
Lozza Sunglasses €600 ($670)
These light and sporty sunglasses are made of aluminum and sport gold details for a touch of style. The design is simple but the strong blue color calls for an equally strong personality in the wearer.
Napkin Forever Pininfarina Cambiano €400 ($450)
A classic symbol of sophistication and style, this pen is a revolutionary product that uses no ink and needs no refills thanks to a patented metal alloy created by Napkin.
The Bridge Travel Bag €1500 ($1,680)
The blue leather bag is perfect for weekend travelers. The contemporary bag uses a combination of leather and fabric for a strong and resistant product. Gold hardware adds to the cool factor.
Visconti Carbongraphite €2,500 ($2,800)
This ultra-stylish writing instrument is on the cutting edge of innovation thanks to the use of unidirectional graphite. Sleek in design, we imagine many a bestseller could be penned with an instrument of this caliber.
Horo Polo €300 ($335)
Featuring 23 karats gold print, creating using an innovative technology patented by Horo, this t-shirt is like a jewel in itself. Made from bio organic cotton, it promises to be as comfortable as it is chic.

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