Place a part of racing history on your wrists with the Aston Martin DBR1/2 Essence cufflinks

Men like speed and gadgets the most, that too in no particular order. And a classy man has a taste for good cars and elegant accessories too. May be that is enough reason for the TMB Art Metal to create cufflinks depicting the Aston Martin DBR1/2 Essence. And no it’s not just another collector’s item, but a style statement in itself!

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Crafted in 18ct gold the cufflinks actually has original aluminum body pieces of the famous DBR1/2 which helped Aston Martin to lap up the World Sports Car Championship for 1959 with Carroll Shelby behind the wheel and Sir Stirling Moss’s guidance. The cufflinks comes with a certificate of authenticity signed personally by Moss or Shelby and is priced on $3,100

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