Please your olfactory senses with Guerlain’s novel perfume – The Muguet 2021

Perfume connoisseurs are in for some good news! Guerlain is back on the block with an all-new fragrance – the Muguet 2021. Since 2006, the marquee releases a new Muguet edition each year to celebrate the valley’s lily and the beautiful scent that it has to offer!

Unfailingly, the 2021 edition is at par with its predecessors. Boasting fresh and floral notes, the perfume parts the petals to reveal smooth, delicate notes of lily of the valley streaked with jasmine and rose accents to usher in the springtime warmth. It features sweet and tender hints along with the refreshing freshness of summer.

For the latest edition, the marquee has partnered with Parisian textile and paper designer Lucie Touré to craft the iconic Bee Bottle. It includes a modern, customized 3-D adornment which is a stylized representation of sprigs of lily-of-the-valley in full blossom unfurling gracefully onto the dome of the decanter.

Exquisite organza elements, hand-embroidered leaves, and white-pearl embedded flowers adorn the bottle, which houses the delicate scent in all its glory. Limited to 4500 pieces, the Guerlain Muguet Millesime 2021 will be released worldwide in a volume of 125 ml along with a travel size of 30 ml.

[Via: Fragrantica]

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