Porsche Design P‘3135 Solid fountain pen is made from single piece of titanium

Porsche Design is a name synonymous with luxury. The brand has come a long way, accumulating a wealthy portfolio of products, designing and giving form to the most common of items to the most opulent. These include shoes, watches, handbags, smartphones, and beverage collection, to architecture. Its latest addition to this list is a writing tool – a fountain pen, made from a single piece of solid titanium. Named P‘3135 Solid, the pen flaunts a unique shape. It proudly boasts of an 18-carat gold nib, which features a high quality rhodium coating, atop which has been discreetly engraved the brand’s logo.

The pen’s body has been precisely milled, polished, and then finished with a scratchproof PVD coating. This plasma vacuum coating is made of 99.99 percent pure titanium and produces a scratchproof surface that is ten times harder than steel.

Another highlight in the P‘3135 Solid is the mechanism hidden in the shaft. One needs to apply gentle pressure to the end of the pen and unscrew the end piece to remove the mechanism and fill the converter. The pen also comes with an additional aluminum sleeve for extra protection.

For 795 euros ($1,200), you can shop for the new Porsche Design P‘3135 Solid fountain pen starting from July 15 at the Porsche Design online store.

[Via – Porsche-Design]