Prada men’s 2013 A/W collection shown at the perfect house designed by by OMA and AMO

To present Prada’s autumn-winter collection 2013 in the Milan’s Men’s Fashion Week, OMA’s research studio, AMO, conceived the set of an “ideal house” with angular furniture, a part of the upcoming collection of OMA to be launched this year along with the American Furniture brand Knoll. The set is constructed around the ambit of the audience, settled on an irregularly shaped central island. The models act as characters showcasing cultured domestic scenes. What makes the set even livelier is the projection of multiple window frames on the wall, displaying various outdoor urban images and interior images acting as a backdrop to the set.

The stage and island are made of wood, and a neutral light grey color has been used for both the stage and the wall. The abstract furniture is an amalgamation of wood, metal, and Plexiglas with various paper textures, whereas the objects are materialized with blue foam and painted wood. OMA and AMO have been designing the sets and stores for Prada for over ten years now, and this time the set showcases the upcoming series of furniture collections designed by OMA to be launched later this year.


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