Prada reveals its newest design inside its Inside Bag

I think its safe to say that everyone agrees that luxury fashion trendsetters,Prada has great sense and taste in style, as can be seen from the past ornate sunglasses or the 32 colored Derbies. The latest from the Italian fashion house is a story within a story – they’re calling it the Prada Inside Bag. As the name suggests, the bag within the bag brings about a surprise when unzipping the outermost bag to reveal a smaller one inside! The bags can be paired with the same tones for a more classy option or contrasting colors to reveal your bolder side! The colors are pastels and more novel tones, though if paired well could be chic arm-candy. The outer bag is has a solid sturdy framework to the leather that gives it a boxy shape, the inner bag however, reveals a soft bag without structure but still manages to sit well inside its outer casing. The bag(s) also come with adjustable shoulder straps to make a cross-body bag and have two inside pockets besides the inside bag for storage. What more could one want?

So far, we’re having a tough time picking from the tan with turquoise, peach with aquamarine and a snakeskin print with peach, to be our next potential extravagant buy. Whatever it is you’re looking for, you should rush to your nearest Prada store and grab a hold of one or all of these beauties!

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[Available at – Prada]

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