The 0.1% does not use pen and paper to play games on their private jet. They use a $1,300 Prada Tic-Tac-Toe set

Would you spend $1300 on a tic-tac-toe set? Well, hoping you would is Prada with its all-new edition of the game. The luxury kit is over the top take on the otherwise simple game and could have takers for its sheer chic factor.

The set comes with a plush Saffiano leather case finished with glossy, leather trimmed Riri zippers. Inside, there are three slots that carry the exquisitely tiny black or white playing pieces, all decorated with matching Prada logos. The board itself is red with metal borders, and the kit in total measures 2 cm in height, 13.5 cm in length, and 13.5 cm in width.

While not a great buy if all you want to do is play the game, the Prada tic-tac-toe set is for connoisseurs with deep pockets and a penchant for the extraordinary. Retailing at $1,290, the luxe product is out of stock at the moment, which signals, however at its surprising popularity.

In addition to the tic-tac-toe set, the brand in the past has also offered decks of cards priced at $595 and backgammon or chess sets for $4,000. Care to play the Prada way?

[Available at: Prada]

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