Prada’s new temporary store in Paris inspired by poetry

French poet Apollinaire’s popular poem “Le Pont Mirabeau” immortalized the Pont Mirabeau Bridge which was the first metal bridge to be constructed in Paris. Luxury label, Prada has announced the opening of a 5-month temporary shop at Beauvau, in Paris inspired by Apollinaire. The store also endorses the antiquity in front of the store, which evokes the image of the Mirabeau Bridge. The store designed by the architect Roberto Baciocchi has a bridge silhouette that is emphasized by a dramatic trajectory towards the staircase, where mannequins are grouped to recreate a Parisian street scene.

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The ground floor areas have a more abstract and elaborate motif, with the presence of furnished lilac carpeting and sofas, bronzed-metal and glass displays. The two-level store has also replicated the black and white chequered marble floor incorporated in the Milanese history, as seen originally in the Prada store of 1913.

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