Pradasphere comes to Harrods: A glance into Prada’s stunning style archive

Pradasphere has taken the fashion world by storm! We first reported the Prada and Harrods exhibition in March and now we’re bringing you a sneak peek into what the exciting showcase has to offer.

The entire showcase consists of 40 window displays, a 130-square-metre pop-up store packed with women’s leather goods and accessories including jewelry and eyewear as well as a capsule collection developed exclusively for Harrods. In addition visitors can visit a café Marchesi, partly owned by Prada and of course Pradasphere, the exhibition on the store’s fourth floor that will captivate crowds throughout May.

Curated by Michael Rock the exhibition categorizes Miuccia Prada’s 25 year legacy into 5 distinct themes titled ‘Continentalism’, ‘Femasculinity’, ‘Modernity’, ‘Figuration’ and ‘Excessivity’ each referring to a cache of ideas that forms Miuccia’s muse. According to Rock, “This is less about what the brand DNA is than, these are the obsessions she (Miuccia Prada) returns to.”

Comprised of all things Prada, the exhibition displayed the brand’s most coveted items that retained all their sheen and splendor in their displays of crystal, steel and polished wood. Transcending seasonal trends, each product appeared as chic now as it had when first launched.

Curator Rock claims that the exhibition can be appreciated on artistic and intellectual levels and we agree! While the colors, textures and shapes that form the backbone of Prada are on display, the exhibition also gives visitors a unique look into the creative vision of Miuccia Prada including her inspirations, collaborations and sense of brand identity.

Pradasphere at Harrods will be open from May 2nd to 29th, 2014 at Harrods, 87-135 Brompton Rd, London SW1X 7XL.

[Via – Vogue]

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