Pullman Gallery offers exquisite Louis Vuitton Art Deco gentleman’s dressing case

Gone are the days when the world laughed at men who indulged in vanity. In fact, going by the various products in the market, it feels like the vanity market is equally a man’s world as it is a woman’s. Pullman Gallery offers the most exquisite case to carry all his wares for the fashion-conscious man, who loves to indulge in items to pamper himself. The aforementioned case is a stunning Louis Vuitton Art Deco gentleman’s fold-fronted dressing-case of black leather with brass patent ‘L.V’ clasps and lock. This case’s interior is equipped with a variety of bottles and glass jars, each with silver and silver-gilt surrounds marked ‘L.V’ with poinçon and dark orange Bakelite panels inset to the lids.

The gentleman will also find a removable jewelry box, a cedar-lined cigarette box, and a Cartier travel clock with broad jade surround.
The front of the case features mirrors; an extensive manicure set all marked “LV,” brushes, glove stretcher, button hook, shoe buffers all made of the dark orange Bakelite, and a variety of other ‘requisites.’ The top of this exquisite case is embossed ‘E.C.B.’
Measuring 25 inches in length, 11 ½ inches in height, 5 ½ inches in width, this exquisite case is priced at £24,500.00 ($36,120) and available from Pullman Gallery’s King Street store.
Thanks Rachel

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