Puredistance 1 perfume comes in Swarovski crystal bottle bejeweled with 24 carat gold

For most people, it’s more of a fragrance calls attention to a face, which invariably leads to love at first sight. So if you plan to look like a million bucks, it’s about time like you smell like a million bucks too! And if such plans are on the cards, do check out the Puredistance I. And what makes this limited edition perfume more special is the fact that it took the company a full five years in the making!

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Created by famous New York based perfumer Annie Buzantian, the fragrance has been inspired by Neshtata for its “elegance, sophistication and timeless beauty”. The exquisite perfume comes in a crystal bottle crafted in 24 carat gold, or steel and Swarovski crystals. The Crystal & Gold edition is priced at $3,850, while the Crystal & Steel edition comes at $2445.

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