Q by Pasquale Fabrizio: World’s first glass footwear with 24-carat gold beading

All you modern day Cinderella’s can jump with joy as the world’s first glass shoe collection is here! For all those who always craved to slip on this fragile footwear and make a fairytale like entrance, the day has finally arrived courtesy Pasquale Fabrizio. The exquisite collection of shoes by the Los Angeles shoe repair shop owner debuted on January 29 at a gala champagne reception. Combining his expertise in reconstructing designer footwear and his passion for Murano glass pieces, Fabrizio, who has doctored the shoes of many celebrities, has created a winner with this exquisite collection. Christened the Q Collection, this beautiful array of glass footwear is truly breathtaking. Gold chains with small 24-karat-gold-leaf beads can be seen dangling from atop the vamp of the foot.

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The line features a high end offering called the Couture Collection that is limited to just 500 pairs! Each shoe in the Couture Collection is distinguished by colorful glass that has been twisted around 4-inch metal heels. Many of the shoes are adorned with glass beads that are artistically strung on the leather straps that wind around the ankles. The shoes in the famed Couture Collection will be accompanied by a large, clear acrylic box and plush pillow to display the shoes. At $7500 the Couture Collection shoes are definitely one of the most high-end footwear in the market.
For those who can’t afford this high price, Pasquale offers the Africa collection, a lower-priced line of glass-adorned shoes.
Truly unique and beautiful, I won’t be surprised to see celebrities walking down the red carpet at the Oscars in this high-end footwear.
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