Quilted Leather Skis from Chanel’s Sport collection

Chanel’s global image is one of class, sophistication, and timeless elegance. The very word Chanel instantly conjures up images of timeless glamour and enviable elegance so it’s not surprising that after almost ten decades it still reigns as the world’s most famous fashion label. It’s Fall / Winter 2006 marks a real departure from the cute-as-candy look to something a little edgier. Chanel has fashioned these exclusive Leather Skis’s for their Fall-Winter 2006 Chanel Sport collection. The skis do have a wooden interior however it is enclosed in Chanel’s trademark quilted leather.

Even if these are designed to be used on snow we are clueless about its actual implementation. Whether the leather will deteriorate due to the amount of snow that it will come into contact with is still to be ascertained. Is Victoria Beckham aware of this latest launch? She is usually dressed from head to toe in Chanel, even her skis are Chanel….

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