Ralph Lauren staged his Fall 17 fashion show in his garage!

Ralph Lauren is well known for his chic and timeless clothing collections, but the designer is also pretty famous for his love of cars. And he proved this in spades by staging his Fall 2017 NYFW runway show within he two storey garage of his Bedford, New York home. The unorthodox location made for an interesting juxtaposition of high fashion with luxury cars (Ralph’s personal collection includes Porsches, McLarens and Ferraris among other cars).

Guests at the show were transported from the city in black SUVs and enjoyed appetizers from Ralph’s Polo Bar before they sat down to watch the models. Among the famous faces that walked the ramp were a series of star kids from Kendall Jenner to Presley Gerber (son of Cindy Crawford) and Bella Hadid. Attending the show were celebrities like Diane Keaton, Katie Holmes, Jessica Chastain and Nina Dobrev.

The collection itself seemed to mirror the luxury cars around, at times literally through colors and at other times in spirit through modern cuts and contrasts, details like racing stripes and shiny sequins. “My cars have always been an inspiration to me. I see them as moving art,” Lauren said. “My women’s collection for fall 2017 connects the elements of the speed, style and beauty of these handcrafted vehicles with the very modern, yet timeless spirit of the clothes. There is a sleekness, an innate sexiness and power to shapes sculpted out of high-tech patent leathers and high-gloss silks.”


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