Ralph Lauren uses interactive windows to create a multi dimensional shopping experience at Harrods

In a bid to make window shopping and browsing a more fulfilling experience, American design maven Ralph Lauren has launched a unique digitally interactive store window at British department store Harrods. The displays utilize mobile proximity technology to allow window shoppers to access interactive content thus promoting their experience of the brand on multiple channels.

The display spans 15 windows on Brompton Avenue, with Polo Ralph Lauren providing QR and NFC codes for customer interaction. Smartphone users can easily tap or scan lenticular prints and stickers with their phones, which directs them to a landing page that includes an interactive map that leads the user to Harrods Fashion Lab where users can discover Polo Ralph Lauren. The landing page also includes links to Ralph Lauren’s mobile site.

The innovative display not only gives consumers information about their favorite brand but also allows the brand to track the number of people who have participated gaining them valuable information about the campaign’s success.

The interactive window campaign is the latest in a series of surprising and daring moves for the American fashion giant. From the new coffee shop to the recent 4 dimensional fashion show, Lauren is expanding the brand’s horizons in a dramatic way. The campaign is also indicative of the luxury industry’s growing fondness for technology. We won’t be surprised to see Lauren launch his own glamorous gadgets soon, perhaps a Polo inspired cellphone or a neo classic smartwatch?

[Via – Luxury-Daily]

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