Ralph Lauren creates fashion disaster with Garda Alligator Driver priced at $3,800

Ralph Lauren is probably the only luxury brand that can create the most hideous products and still get away with it. Their latest line of shoes for men will definitely prove my point. Continuing his theme of ultra-luxe accessories in go-to-hell colors is Ralph’s latest offering for men, the Garda Alligator Driver that is just a complete fashion disaster. The designer has tried to give the regular driving shoe a makeover with brilliantly hued genuine alligator skin with equestrian hardware. These seriously ugly creations are available in not just one but 5 colors (Emerald Green, Cherry Red, Marine Blue, Purple, and Black).

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If you think this alligator skin is the right look for you, you can pay extra and get yourself a matching alligator skin belt with a sterling silver buckle. Priced at a whopping $3,800 for a pair and an additional $920 for the belt, it surely is not worth a buy.

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