Ramon Molvizar fragrances with Gold and Platinum: For a scent of bling

Till bling lovers wait for the concept Swarovski perfume to turn into a reality, they can treat themselves to the unique Ramon Molvizar perfumes. Allowing you to dab yourself with scintillating notes of bling, these perfumes actually contain one gram of gold! The perfumes are the brainchild of a certain Mr. Ramon. The perfumes were recently displayed at the PERFUMS Béjar Excellence Fair 2010. Once you spray the perfume, you can see the micronized gold particles glimmer on your skin or dress. Residing in exquisite bottles, these perfumes exude an irresistible scent of luxury like no other. The exquisite perfume also comes in a special packaging made of Swarovski crystals. One of the best Ramon Molvizar perfumes is definitely the € 880 ($1,120) Musk Oriental Goldskin, which comes mixed with 22-carat gold. A unisex scent, it resides in a beautiful Swarovski encrusted bottle. The € 710 ($905) Black Cube is another exquisite scent with Platinum, which teases your senses with a heady mix of musky and woody notes.

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The perfumes are quite famous in the Middle East and have a number of customers but they are available worldwide. To order these exquisite scents, click here.

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