Rebag’s Claire AI works like Shazam for luxury handbags and jolts the world of luxury resale

Always wanted the same bag as your office rival but were too proud to ask? Wanted to gift a luxury handbag to your BFF but didn’t know if it would fit your budget? You think you have wasted your money on bags and accessories over the years and don’t know their collective worth today? All these problems have one solution- Claire AI. Yes, it had to be a woman, albeit a technological one, that won’t just change the way you shop for your future handbags, but it will change the way you look at your current collection too. Claire AI is short for Comprehensive Luxury Appraisal Index for Resale and works like Shazam for handbags. Launched in October 2019 by Rebag, a famous New York-based luxury handbag buying and reselling platform, Clair AI recognizes and instantly delivers the resale value of bags across more than 50 brands and 15,000 Clair Codes.

Charles Gorra, Rebag’s CEO and the driving force behind the new technology, says, “It’s easy enough to build a tool where you take a picture, and it feeds back a few things that look like it. What we do has to be much more accurate. We’re giving a firm price of what we’re paying.” now we come to the part where we understand how the app works; it’s as simple as downloading the Rebag app on iOS or Android devices for free. Follow this by scanning a handbag on a preferably plain background with your phone camera. That’s all Clair AI needs from you and, in exchange, it offers information regarding the bag’s brand, model, and style and generates the price Rebag is willing to pay for that item today.

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It looks like Gorra’s goal to eliminate the friction in the resale process has found a reliable solution in the form of Claire AI. He adds, “Clair AI will transform the luxury resale industry forever. From now on, anyone can scan and access the resale value of a handbag instantly, without any prior industry knowledge. With Clair AI, we are building on our promise of always providing total transparency and simplicity for resellers. Ultimately, we believe that accessible resale data points will redefine behaviors and move the luxury industry from a consumption mindset towards an investment one.” another plus of using the app is that it doesn’t need the bag to be physically present in front of you. You can scan your friends’ pocketbooks and the bags of strangers you see on the street. It even works on virtual representations of handbags—Hound the Sex and the City episodes to dissect Carrie Bradshaw’s bag collection.

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