Red Lego dress artwork by Nathan Sawaya and Dean West

When a photographer and Lego artist join forces, the results are bound to be interesting. ‘In Pieces’ which is a collaboration between photographer Dan West and artist Nathan Sawaya does not disappoint. This multimedia exhibition boasts of unique creations which marry the world of Lego sculptures and photography. The highlight is undoubtedly a red strapless dress painstakingly created out of Lego pieces. Visitors can feast their a photographic recreation of this—the shot portrays a model donning it while waiting and shivering outside a cinema. Also on display is a red suit hanging in vacuum among others.

Nathan Sawaya and Dean West’s ‘In Pieces’ is a creatively stimulating experience, one that brings forth the talent of these two visionaries who created it. With under tones of fashion, one can only wonder if it may see a catwalk manifestation soon.

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Since since February 28, the In Pieces exhibition has been displayed in New York.

[Via – Embelezzia]