Reebok Pump 20K Ice Hockey Skates

Reebok has always been an innovator and leader in providing the highest quality of sporting gear. With their 20K Ice Hockey Skates, they extend the concept of the Pump from basketball to the game of hockey as well. These shoes use sophisticated technology to lock in your ankles and heels and offer dynamic support system for maximum flexibility and stiffness. Another bonus is the Skate Lock feature which boasts of dual lacing zones, internal, heat-moldable memory foams, a carbon composite outsole and a felt tongue with a lace bite protector.

The Reebok Pump 20K Ice Hockey Skates is priced at $800 and is a dream come true for a player. Its aim to maximize power transmission and enhance your stride to earn more points makes it a true winner.

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[Available at Hockey Monkey via Uncrate]