Review – Labrador Noir’s Luxury Sleepover Kit for girls

Nothing can beat the innocent look of a sleeping child who is snuggled up in the lap or arms of the mother. How about adding a dash of luxury to this innocence by wrapping up your angel in Labrador Noir’s Luxury Sleepover Kit? ‘Oohs’ and ‘Aahs’ was all that I uttered as I unpacked this all-white-and-pink Girl’s, Sleepover Kit. It is so white that I was a bit nervous about handling it without staining the untainted white stuff included in the kit. Labrador Noir specializes in making this luxurious and exclusive Sleepover Kit for girls and boys too. The bundle that I received sported a pink and white combination; it goes without saying that it is meant for fairy-like young girls. Let me start with the kit bag first – it is half pink-half white cotton embroidered, slung over the shoulder with a zippered handle as a backpack. Inside I found a deluxe100% cotton white soft towel and a white soft cotton flannel that sported a logo embroidered at one corner in pretty pink. The eye-catching wash bag comes with the same logo on one side. I also found symbols of toiletries (soap, toothbrush, paste, and more) embroidered on the other side. You can stuff in wipes and lotions too. And lastly, a pair of white with pink trimming soft cotton pajamas to dress up your doll for a blissful sleep even when away from home! It is designed with a pretty scallop collar, frilled cuffs, and hems. The Labrador Noir logo stands out in pale pink on the breast pocket and ankle. Made of soft 100% cotton, it has an elasticated waist that will fit comfortably. They are machine washable too!

Only people with deep, secure pockets or those unaffected by the falling economic times can bundle up the joy of their life in Labrador Noir’s Luxury Sleepover Kit. However the company has come out with an irresistible offer. Originally priced at £145 ($200), it is now up for half the tag, though for a limited period only.