Ring out the plastic and ring in Colette’s Cast of Vices ‘Corner Store’ Leather Shopping Bags instead

While the world around you is pushing hard to get rid of the plastic carry bags, Jeremy Scott draws inspiration from their design to come up with leather shopping bags for Colette. Tagged as the Cast of Vices line of “Corner Store” leather shopping bags, the bags offer three different set of embossed text. You can pick up the small 17.5-inch x 8.5-inch or the medium 21.5-inch x 12-inch sized bags.

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First up is the bag embossed with the phrase “I Love NY” and is priced at $346.25 inclusive of VAT. Then there is the “Have A Nice Day” bag priced at $290.85, VAT included. And finally is the “ThankYou” variant priced at $346.25 with VAT. Available only with Colette I don’t know how chic these would really look if carried around.

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