Roland Iten’s Bugatti Mechanical Belt Buckle will hold up your trousers with precision

How much does your man love gadgets? Is he loosing weight but his belt cannot be adjusted accordingly? If he needs something for that, then Roland Iten and Bugatti for the R22 Mk.I-22mm Mechanical Belt Buckle is just like what he wants. Joining hands with Bugatti Automobiles, the R22 Mk.I-22mm Bugatti edition mechanical belt buckle’s can adjust the belt precisely to the waist measurement with a distinct reverse engineered expansion mechanism, to be fine-tuned from 0-22mm using five gears.

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Set in solid white gold with rose gold accents the light titanium and stainless steel buckle features 100 components that is masked with a smoked sapphire crystal top. Gift one to ypour prince charming now.