Rolex concept phone to come on LG

LG has partnered with Prada in the past to give us the sexy Prada Phone. And if that wasn’t enough they teamed up with Roberto Cavalli to titillate our fashion conscious minds. Now they have a coup up their sleeves with the Rolex concept phone that they recently displayed. Obviously the company refrained the enthusiasts from taking any pictures. Description in words won’t do justice to such a masterpiece; “the centerpiece of the phone is a presumably-genuine Rolex watch-face that’s embedded in the casing, which gets complemented by “luxurious leathery exterior,” all of which reportedly looked “reassuringly expensive.””

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The folks at TechDigest spied this Rolex LG Phone. We take their word for it, as they were not allowed to take pictures, and other concept devices on display (including one with a ” fully transparent keypad”), were all “pretty well manufactured,” hence we can safely presume that these pieces are not going commercial anytime soon. More news when we dig it.

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