RougeDZN unveils Armadillo: C6-DarkHorse bracelet to make a bold statement

When you enjoy extreme art and want some aggressive accessories then you need to really hunt hard, but not always. If you are expecting more than Armadillo:161, take a look at the new bracelet with a twist – RogueDZN Armadillo: C6-DarkHorse. The signature edition from RogueDZN is created using 9-axis machined carbon fiber and is limited to 25 pieces. The C6-DarkHorse sports 17 links, made from 7 custom machined pieces made using Military spec G5 Aerospace grade titanium billet block.
Update – The Armadillo: C6-DarkHorse will carry a tag of about $50,000.

The bracelet has been put together with “4 separate M2, T5-Torx drive screws to secure the link’s structure”. The 25.4mm wide and 10mm high bracelet will be available from January 2012.
This latest male accessory from the brand will definitely top the price of the $35,000 Armadillo:161 that was launched a few months back.
Thanks Matthew

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