Saint Laurent sneaker style skates roll for $1,150

For the ultra-hip hipster comes the latest mode of transport, for others an uber-cool shoe. This style chameleon is the latest YSL roller-shoe, sneaker-on-wheels, call-it-what-you-want, that’s how it rolls. The monochrome marvel-on-toes (there! I did it again) comes at a marvelous $1,150. The retro rollerblade is part of the Saint Laurent fall ’13 collection and is available on Luisa via Roma in two sizes (hitting one any moment now). Besides the black leather detailing and zany looks, the fancy skates are outfitted with fancier Krypto Impulse wheels.

So, now in the chic-skate department, you have two choices- Armani and Saint Laurent.

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[Available at Luisaviaroma Via Graziadaily and Refinery29]