Saint Laurent x Havaianas come together for the most fashionable flip-flops of the season

Saint Laurent x Havaianas Flip flops

Saint Laurent has shown us a slew of cool collaborations in the past; they have done it all from creating luxury condoms to designing an attractive Vespa or redefining cool with a pair of exclusive Stiletto Roller Skates. Now they are teaming up with Havaianas to change the fate of the trans-seasonal staple beyond the beach straight to Avenue Montaigne or the Rue Saint-Honoré in Paris. Yep, the fashionable flip flops are being promoted to the next cool-girl shoe by Saint Laurent (the girls of this world couldn’t be happier after renouncing high heels these past few months)! The coming together of this winning team has changed the game for lovers of comfort who will enjoy the ultra couture quotient of the famous flip flops dressed to kill in sultry leopard print. This collaboration titled Saint Laurent Rive Droite x Havaianas will only be available at the exclusive Saint Laurent’s Los Angeles and Rue Saint-Honoré stores and a beach pop-up store near Hossegor in France.

For those who don’t mind paying a hefty sum for the sake of comfort that is now titled the ‘it’ thing too after receiving Saint Laurent’s blessings, the leopard print style retails for $74. Absolute must-haves of the season, the flip-flops bear the style and spirit of Saint Laurent and can be purchased online or in the aforementioned exclusive stores.

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[Via: Vogue]

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